Where To Find California Wines In New York

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byAlma Abell

The taste of California wines is unmatched anywhere else in the United States. The notoriety of the beverages produced in the West Coast wine country is known nationwide. Experiencing these flavorful wines may be easy for those who live in the West, but for East Coast residents it can be hard to come by. Luckily, at Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors in New York, a substantial variety of California Wines are stocked and ready for individuals looking to expand their palate.

Finding a liquor store that carries an immense variety of wines and spirits can be especially pleasing to an alcohol connoisseur. Whether they wish to try a wide selection of drinks, or are looking for something hard to find, the chances of discovering their exact desire at Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc. are promising. Boasting an unrivaled selection of California wines, this Long Island retailer has worked hard to ensure every customer who enters the store does not leave empty-handed. The shelves are also stocked with a wide variety of major-label beverage brands, international wines, and independent distilleries from across the country. It is here that one can find both a smooth German Riesling and a full bodied Kentucky bourbon in just the blink of an eye.

Not every wine drinker is well-versed in the subtleties of flavor. The casual enthusiast may not realize the differences in taste that comes from purchasing a bitter-sweet Sangiovese rather than a sweetly aromatic Pinot noir. They may also be unaware of how cheap or expensive certain styles of alcohol are. This is where the staff of Towne Cellars thrives. Their extensive knowledge of all the wines and spirits sold in the store is ready to be put to use. A consumer who knows the taste or body they are looking for, but is unsure of what to purchase can easily consult with a sales associate. The entire staff is ready to guide the consumer in finding the best wine or liquor to meet their taste and budget. To aid in this selection process, the company has also provided an online price list of every stocked wine so that the customer has the chance to survey what’s available and it’s price before ever arriving.

Finding the best California Wines or flavorful spirits on Long Island has never been easier. A single trip to this utopia of beverages will satisfy any alcohol needs.

Oblique Imagery The New Must Have Addition To Your Vertical Images

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Oblique Imagery the New Must Have Addition to Your Vertical Images


Getmapping Plc.

If you display or use vertical mapping imagery of any kind, you ll probably have started to hear rumblings about the use of oblique imagery. The oblique image, which is an aerial photograph taken from an oblique angle (often from multiple oblique angles, to capture a full 3D dataset), makes the 2D aerial image come alive and makes it much more meaningful for a user.

2D images convey a great deal of information about the placement of buildings, objects, geological strata and other topographic features, in relation to each other. The oblique image adds a whole new level of meaning to that information. By gaining access to reliable oblique imagery, users are able to gain a clear picture of the buildings, objects and features they are examining in relation to their immediate environment.

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This is particularly useful in planning applications, where a planning authority is able to determine not only the proximity of a proposed building to other civic amenities and existing infrastructure, but also to see how the existing buildings and amenities in the proposed area look. Seeing how they already look enables the authority to work out what visual effect a proposed new building may have on an area.

Oblique imagery can even eliminate the need for a site visit. Where measurements need to be taken, planners traditionally have to visit their sites to take proper measurements high quality oblique images make it possible to take the data directly from the pictures. Measurements can be made to ascertain the actual height of buildings, vegetative cover and street furniture.

When you lock your oblique image data into an existing software tool, you can start to make multiple comparisons of a single area by viewing it from different angles all at once. The software is able to automatically synchronise the positioning of up to five different angles, so you can get an extremely accurate overall picture of the area you are measuring and studying.

Oblique imagery can also directly power the creation of 3D building models. Using the software, a company or individual is able to render models of buildings from real life and export them for use in multiple applications.

Ultimately the advantages of using oblique images are best described by a comparison of the datasets. 2D aerial imagery is invaluable but gives a single plane of measurement. Oblique images are theoretically capable of allowing you to measure any elevation or angle of an existing object a virtually infinite number of datasets, which mean you can build up a hugely detailed picture of a place or a space.

The technology is new, but already quite familiar. You will, for example, have seen it on the real world street view type interactive maps promoted by major online information providers. With oblique imagery still in its infancy the application potential for the technology can only grow leaving one to look forward enthusiastically to the next step.

Oblique imagery

can even eliminate the need for a site visit. Where measurements need to be taken, planners traditionally have to visit their sites to take proper measurements.

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Oblique Imagery the New Must Have Addition to Your Vertical Images

3 Unique Attractions Of New York’s 57th Street

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byAlma Abell

New York City has so many iconic neighborhoods that once you’ve th street is one of New York’s major thoroughfares, and the luxuries and culture that you’ll find on this street are beyond compare. Read on for three attractions that will make you want to look for apartments for sale in the Upper East Side.

Luxury shopping

If you consider yourself a fashionista, it’s impossible to beat living on a street that boasts Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany & Co., Saks Fifth Avenue and many more luxury retail destinations. In the search for apartments for sale in New York City, consider how convenient it would be to live on the same street as all your favorite luxury brands.

New and exciting fine dining

57th street and the surrounding Upper East Side neighborhood are densely populated with Michelin-starred restaurants and established fine dining destinations, and the neighborhood’s prestige draws new cutting-edge restaurateurs all the time. One recent example is Sushi Noz, an extravagant and exclusive sushi bar that just opened in the Upper East Side, reports Eater New York. Whether your tastes run towards sushi, Italian, or any cuisine in between, this neighborhood can satisfy all your culinary dreams.

Up-and-coming development

Naturally when you’re looking for apartments for sale in New York City, getting a significant return on your investment will be at the forefront of your mind. With new luxury condos rising on 57th street, such as 252 East 57th, it has become one of the hottest real estate stretches in the city.

57th street is infamous for its cultural landmarks, shopping, fine dining and so much more. Owning a condo on this street will set you apart from the rest, so don’t miss out on investing in some of the most luxurious and on-trend penthouses that Manhattan has to offer.

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I Can’t Build A Website

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Submitted by: Kurt Hartman

When you think of a website, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of the television guru who will give you your very own site, so that you can become filthy rich. Maybe you think of Facebook, or watching videos on YouTube.

The most common thought that I seem to hear is the following: “I could never build one of those.” My response to that is the following…”Have you ever tried?”.

People usually respond with “No.” These are the same people who have managed to sign up for Facebook, stalk all their children, and spy on their ex-boyfriend from Middle School. They spend, on average 3 hours a day doing nothing but tagging people in photos, getting to level 110 in Mafia Wars, and forwarding useless “gifts” to everyone they know.

My point in that little rant…You will become an expert at whatever you spend the most time doing. If you will follow the directions I am going to give you, and practice them, I can show you how to get a basic website up and going in under 30 minutes.

With all that said, let us begin our education.

A website can be simplified into 3 distinct areas: The Domain Name, the Web Host/Hosting Server, and the website content. There are more pieces, but you don’t need to know more than that, at this time.

A domain name (or the website address) consists of a string of letters or numbers, and generally ends in .com, .net, or .org . Incidentally, these are known as TLD’s or “Top Level Domains”. (Note: You generally don’t want the bargains that are offered on endings like .info or .biz . If you do, more power to you.)

The domain name must be bought through a licensed registrar. Now, I don’t want to lose you here. So, I’m going to move on to the host, or hosting server.

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A good web host will serve as both registrar for your domain name, and serve up your website content to visitors. I recommend Dreamhost.com for people who are just starting their own website.

Once there, you can register your domain name(they’ll let you know if the one you want is already taken.). From there, you need to choose a hosting plan. This will pay for the space that your website will occupy online, email service, along with support in case something goes wrong.

Most beginner hosting packages are anywhere from $8-10 a month, depending upon the host.

Once you have purchased your domain, and signed up for your hosting plan, there are two ways to put up your first website:

1. Upload and configure your site or Content Management System through FTP.

2. Use the host’s “one-click installation” feature to install WordPress, or some other type of Content Management System (CMS).

Now I am going to explain both methods to you.

Up front, path 1 is quite a bit harder than path 2, and will require you to invest some time in learning how to use different technologies.

First, you have to tell the host that you want the domain name you just bought from them hosted there. Just because you have a domain name, does not mean that they understand you want actual content on it.

Secondly, you will have to go to your MySQL database, and create a new database. Again, why I recommend Dreamhost…they provide a short wizard to do that for you. Select a password for that database.

Next, you need to download WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System, or CMS. While it started out as “just” a blog platform, it has morphed over time into a great website creator.

In short, a CMS takes care of all that boring code that we nerds do, and allows you to write your thoughts, add pictures, and publish a webpage in a minimum of time. WordPress is the simplest one to get a grip on up front, and has a strong community to help you out if you get stuck.

Ok, so now that you have downloaded WordPress, you’ll need to get an FTP client. FTP simply stands for File Transfer Protocol. FileZilla is a free client that you can download, and I recommend it highly. Download that, and install it.

Now, check your hosting account for an FTP username and password. Each hosting provider keeps that information in a different place. Some will have a special tab for “FTP”. Once you find the username and password, open up Filezilla. There’s a section up top for the ftp address for your site, username and password. Your FTP address will be: ftp.yourdomainname.com (or whatever name you registered…that could be widgets.net, in which case it would be ftp.widgets.net).

Enter your username and password in the boxes provided. If done correctly, you should see a file structure appear on the lower, right hand side. Open up the wordpress folder, and follow the instructions to upload, exactly. There are many sites that will show you video on how to upload WordPress properly. I don’t have that luxury using this article.

Login to WordPress, and Whammo…your first website has been created. Then, begin to learn the installation of themes. I recommend paying for the Thesis Theme, as it is one of the best for customizing your site, without having to learn tons of code. If you have some time and patience, path 1 is the way to go. If not, take path 2.

Path 2 is the “one-click” WordPress install. As its name suggests, there is only one click to install WordPress. You don’t have to set up a database, or download the FTP client. You just tell it to install the software on your domain, and it does. Login, and there’s your website. Easy as pie.

The biggest problem is, not all hosts have “one-click” installs. Two of the many that do are Dreamhost, and MediaTemple(mt is quite a bit more expensive). There are other hosts who have this feature, as well. It just may take a little bit of hunting around.

Another issue is the fact that most of these installs have a limited selection of themes that you can run on their installation. Be sure they have a design you really like, before using the “one-click” process.

Now, as to what pictures to use, content to write, and how to use WordPress…I’ll leave that up to you. After all, that’s the fun of having a website in the first place.

So good luck. And if you don’t take my advice, remember me the next time you are leveling up in Mafia Wars. You could be doing something far more worthwhile.

About the Author: Kurt Hartman is Head of Web Development for Mobile Fleet Service, Inc. They sell

heavy equipment tyres

to the mining and earthmoving communities. You can find them at http://www.buybigtires.com



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