4 Ways For Women To Improve Storage Space In The Kitchen

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By Jordon Browning

You would have rarely noticed or heard about someone saying ‘I have lots of storage space in my kitchen’. It is because kitchen is the only room in the house that requires lots of storage space for accommodation of various things. People use their kitchen not only to cook the food but also use it as additional space where they can store various items. For example, pots, pans, toasters, blenders and other type of cooking apparatus which take lots of space are stored in the kitchen cabinets. It is not to mention that sometime they all clutter our kitchen cabinets.

Everyone likes to have much space in the kitchen so that all the things are arranged in a proper manner but getting additional storage space in the kitchen is just like having a pot of gold at the end of rainbow. It means we all hope for the additional space but we are not able to get it. However, there are 5 ways through which a woman can maximize the storage space in her kitchen at a very low cost.

1. Cleaning Of The Kitchen

The first way is to clean your kitchen. It means you should separate all those things from the kitchen that are rarely used. Open your cabinets one by one and start emptying them. It can be easily done by separating the things present in the kitchen cabinets into two parts i.e. things that you use frequently and the things that you use rarely. Now put only those items in each of your cabinet that are used frequently and the remaining rarely used items should be stored in another place instead of kitchen.

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2. Use Space Saving Tools in The Kitchen

Nowadays there are many space saving tools available in the market that you can purchase for your kitchen. The good thing about these tools is that they do not cost you much. For example, there are different styles of racks available in the market which is designed for kitchen use. You can use these racks for hanging your best utensils or to organize your spice bottles properly. If you organize all the items properly in the kitchen then you will automatically get additional storage space in your kitchen.

3. Use of Cabinet Doors

You can make use of the cabinet doors. They offer you additional storage space if you know how to take the benefit of it. Food wrap rack that is attached to the door can be used for the storage of the inconvenient chucks instead of placing them in your kitchen cabinets. All of your pot lids can be stored in the pot lid rack and thus you do not require digging around at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet.

4. Make Use of Space Under the Sink

Almost all of us do not make the use of space under the kitchen sink. There is plenty of space available under the sink but the space is neither utilized nor organized properly. There are many stores that sell different styles of plastic container which can be easily used under the kitchen sink. You can purchase them for organizing and storing your cleaning items.

These are the 4 ways in which a woman can organize her kitchen. These ways not only help you in organizing your kitchen well but also provide you extra storage space which you always dream about.

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The Origins Of Cheesecake

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By Dale Muhlenberg

According to John Segreto’s book, Cheesecake Madness, cheesecake has the roots of its origins in ancient Greece, food of the Olympians. Over the centuries it has changed from an energy food to a gourmet dessert.

History shows that the first recorded mention of cheesecake was by the Greeks, in 776 B.C. The ingredients of cheese (pounded into a paste substance), honey, and wheat flour where shaped into cakes, baked, cooled and served as energy food to these first Greek Olympians. In no time the Greek cheesecake became a popular delicacy that was the precursor to the wedding cake. It was customary for the Greek bride to prepare and serve mini cheesecakes to the groom’s friends – this came to be known as the wedding cake. In time the Romans defeated the Greeks and over the centuries continued their conquest of Europe and the British Isles spreading their culture which included the cheesecake. In time, different cultures put their own spin on the recipe and developed their own versions of the cheesecake. Eventually immigrants brought their different cheesecakes to the shores of the USA.

The modern cheesecake is described as a gourmet dessert cake or pie whose main ingredient is cottage cheese, cream cheese, or ricotta.

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Cheesecakes in the United States are usually of one of the two following varieties. The most common is the Jewish cheesecake, commonly known as the New York Style cheesecake is a cream cheese based cake set on a graham cracker crust. Different variations of this dessert have evolved over time by adding different flavors and toppings, these can range from such flavors as Key Lime, chocolate, and numerous fruit flavors such as Mango Chai Cheesecake.

The second common variety is the Italian cheesecake which usually includes ricotta cheese and bits of candied fruit, placed on a pastry crust.

Traditionally cheesecake is high in calories and fat but today’s modern developments of sugar substitutes and low fat ingredients have made this dessert available in tasty selections such no sugar added cheesecakes and even sugar free cakes with no loss of flavor.

A baking hint for those who make their own, just add a little cornstarch to the batter and this will keep your cheesecake from cracking when it cools.

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