Facial Hair, All Of Us Hate This

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Facial hair, all of us hate this


Taalib Durden

Facial hair, all of us hate this, its one of the most annoying problem we face. As most of us, I too have lot of facial hair and that is the reason why I am constantly in search of best facial hair removal technique. Though facial growth could be different for different people.

So here we discuss few homemade hair removal techniques. The technique which will require some takes but eventually they will help reduce hair growth to a great extent.

Make a mix of water, lemon and sugar, take a bowl, put sugar and squeeze in about half of lemon and add around one teaspoon water to make a thick paste. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that it should not become very runny. Take a brush and apply the concoct on the face for fifteen to twenty minutes, apply this process twice a week

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Make a paste of honey four tea spoons and add half lemon juice in it. Apply the preparation on the face oppose to the direction of hair growth, leave it in there and wash off it after twenty minutes

Add turmeric powder in mild and mix them thoroughly, apply the paste on the face and leave it over thre for fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash it off. And while you wash, make circular motions with your finger, it should be very mild/

Take 1 egg, a spoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of corn flour, and then form a good thick paste. Rub it on your face and peel it off. Apply this paste on your face three to four times a week.

Gram flour and make a paste with water. Make a thick paste and keep it on the face for five minutes. Wet your palms and scrub off the besan from the face in the circular motion. Once the excess basin is off the face, leave rest layer on and wash it off with water once it is completely dried.

Take besan, turmeric and curd in a bow, mix it. Apply the paste and rub it off after 15 minutes. Finally wash it off with water.

Take milk in a bowl and some chickpea flour. Mix them to form a paste, and apply the paste on your face. Keep it on for some 20 odd minutes and wash it off.

Washing your face with milk powder or rice water also helps in reducing facial hair growth. Avoid using soap.

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