Granite Stone Vanity Tops

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Granite Stone Vanity Tops


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Granite stone is the hardest substance and has the quality to attract architects. It can be used in residential and commercial purposes. It is one of the best stones that are supposed to be ideal for residential applications. Architects use it in their projects to add extra value to their building or renovation projects. They use a wide range of granite stones for a number of applications from balustrades, floor tiles, steps, figurines, and tapestry to medallions. However, it can be easily seen in kitchens and bath facilities. It is often used as counter tops or vanity tops. Today, it can be easily seen in almost all residential projects. This is the reason it is regarded as a jewel in the construction industry.

Due to its abundant availability in nature, it is being used in almost every application. Its extensive usage has ignited a pure revolution in the construction industry. Today, manufacturers are busy in manufacturing different types of high-quality granite stone products from vanity tops for bathrooms to figurines for landscapes. People feel highly passionate when it comes to granite products, because it boasts some of the most striking and user-friendly features. It not only stands unique in its niche, but also radiates an aura of aesthetic elegance. It not only provides strength to the structure, but enhances the overall value of the property.

Today, polished

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granite stone

is used in modern kitchens. It is a good choice for kitchen vanity tops, bathroom vanity tops and countertops. It is available in different colors, patterns, styles, shades and natural designs. Domestic industry chooses dark patterns and color grades for different purposes. When it comes to vanity tops, people feel more attached. They choose the one that features the traditional elegance and radiates high-end beauty. They prefer the one that is crafted of birch solids and veneers and has catalyzed yet polyurethane finish for optimum feel and looks.

Most people select vanity tops with solid wood construction having nickel hardware and that is fully assembled. However, granite vanity tops are also in high fashion and gives highly pleasing looks. Granite vanity having double ceramic sinks, storage space and a small countertop adjoin is considered as the best option. Architects suggest vanity tops having deep cabinets with swinging doors.

So, if you are looking for a perfect granite vanity top, then choose a manufacturer that offers engaging quality granite products (such as

granite countertops


mosaic tiles

, marble products, etc.) of high industry standards. Today, manufacturers offer custom made products to fulfill expectations and match the evolving needs of the customers.

Pacific Bedrock Industrial Co. Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supply of highly finished commercial and residential stone products. They have expertise in natural stone including: countertops,

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, furniture, water jet inlays, granite countertops,

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, marble floor tile, stairways, flooring.

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