How Advertising Is Pervasive In Contemporary Society?}

How Advertising is pervasive in contemporary society?



Advertising is a brand promotion measure used by companies, brand owners and organizations to promote their businesses. Advertising is a common tool of promotion. However, it is not restricted to limited realms such as television, billboard, radio etc. There are multiple avenues of advertising. The advertiser can launch a promotion campaign as per the promotional strategy through an effective media or tool. Advertising is a pervasive marketing activity in todays society. The following paragraphs will throw some light upon how advertising is persistent in contemporary society.

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Advertising reflects the cultural norms of a society

It is true that advertising reflects the cultural norms of a society. What is in trend in the society is reflected through the ad campaign that targets the particular location or area. For example, advertising trends in India as compared to Western countries are quite different. An ad campaign should appeal to the lifestyle, habit or mentality of the public to whom the campaign is targeted. To cite an example, Pepsi is a preferred cold drink brand in India as compared to Coca Cola. Indians have a good appetite for sweets. Pepsi is sweeter in taste than Coca Cola. So, it is obvious why Indians mostly prefer Pepsi and not Coca Cola.

Advertising caters to the age- old belief of customers

Though the mediums and techniques of brand advertising have been revamped and improved, most of the brand advertising campaigns still cater to the age-old belief of customers. Telling the brand story through an innovative media by adopting a brand new technique yet providing the same impact, this is exactly how advertising appeals to the attention of customers in contemporary society.

Be it any kind of brand, advertising was, is and will forever remain a mandatory as well as essential tool of promotion. The tools and techniques may undergo change. However, the appeal will remain the same.

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How Advertising is pervasive in contemporary society? }

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