5 Important Checks You Must Make Before Buying A Repossessed Truck}

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5 Important Checks You Must Make Before Buying a Repossessed Truck



Repossessed trucks are widely available at auctions and the savings that you can achieve when purchasing a repo truck can help you expand your business without breaking the budget. In order to get the best advantage you want to make sure that you purchase a good used truck that will require little or no investment from you in terms of repairs. While you cant take auction vehicles for a test drive, you can inspect the truck prior to the auction and I highly recommend that you do so. Ideally you should take a qualified mechanic along with you for the inspection, but if this is not possible, please ensure that you make the following 5 critical checks on any repossessed trucks that you are interested in.

1) Check the Vehicle History

Prior to the auction, you can access a list of vehicles for sale. Select the trucks that you are interested in and note the VIN. Run a vehicle check to ensure the truck has not been totaled, salvaged, suffered flood damage etc. in the past.

2) Inspect the Body of the Truck

Do a visual inspection on the body of the truck to ensure that there are no visible signs of damaged bodywork, such as bubbled paint work, mismatching colors, scratches, bumps etc. Some bodywork defects may be minor and not particularly relevant at the price you will pay at auction, however it is important to check as defects could indicate the vehicle has been in an accident and there could be damage to the engine or inner workings of the vehicle if this is the case.

3) Check all Doors and Hinges

Open and close the doors to check that the hinges and locks are working smoothly. I also recommend visually inspecting all hinges to ensure that there are no signs of welding or other work that may indicate a patchy fix up has occurred.

4) Start the Engine

You are entitled to start the engine during a pre-auction inspection and it is critical that you do so. Listen to the sound of the engine and ensure there is no knocking or other unusual noises that may be symptomatic of engine damage. While the engine is running, also check that the air conditioning and electric windows are working.

5) Check Fluids

You should dip the oil, with the engine off, to ensure that it is reasonably clean. If the dipstick shows a low level of oil, that is black and dirty, it may indicate that the engine has been poorly maintained, although it doesnt necessarily mean that the vehicle is in bad condition and the truck may just need a service and an oil change. If the truck has an automatic transmission, you should also check that the transmission fluid is clear. If it is dark or smells burnt, then there may be problems with the transmission.

It is important to check a vehicle, as thoroughly as possible, prior to making a purchase at repo truck auctions. However, it is important to note that many repossessed trucks, are being auctioned because the original owner cannot afford to keep them and not because they are damaged goods. Given the sudden change in economic conditions, you will find many late model vehicles at a repossessed truck auction. Being in a position to buy such a vehicle, could give your business just the advantage it needs.

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5 Important Checks You Must Make Before Buying a Repossessed Truck }

Effective Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You Again Plus The Power Of Reverse Psychology

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By H.L. Archer

After the breakup and you have seen the man you love walk away, you wonder if you have any hope of ever being in his arms again.. All of your dreams of a happy future with him seem to have vanished. Your heart is broken and you feel that you can never find anyone like him again. This is not the way you had planned your life to be.

You thought he loved you and wanted a home and family with you, and then he grew distant and finally said he needed some space. If something like this has happened to you, there is still hope of having your life back the way you had planned. Using these effective tips plus the power of reverse psychology, you can make him fall in love with you again.

When your friends and family hear about the breakup, you will be getting a lot of advice. Of course they will be on your side and tell you to forget him and find someone else. They mean well, but they are not the ones that are hurting and want the man they love back. You know it would do no good to try to find someone to replace the man you love. He is the love of your life and the only man that can ever make you happy.

YouTube Preview Image

Your friends and family do not know about the power of reverse psychology either. By using this powerful tactic, you can leave your ex boyfriend absolutely defenseless. This is because he will be so stunned by your actions. When he broke up with you he felt that you were still very much in love with him and would be trying every way possible to get him back. But, you will be doing just the opposite of what he expects.

You are going to ignore him and act as if you had never known him. Start living your life the way you did before you met him. Spend more time with your family and go out with friends for some fun. You want to let him know that the breakup has not bothered you at all and you are glad to be free again. If you really want to make him crazy, get dressed so that you look attractive and desirable, style your hair the way he likes it and go out where he hangs out and let him get a good look at you.

Make him see how self confident you are and let him strike up a conversation with you. Just a few pleasantries and then tell him you have to be going. If he asks you where you are going, be vague and just say you are meeting a friend. Of course, he will think you are meeting some guy and will try to press you for an answer, but just leave him standing there with his mouth wide open. This is how you use the power of reverse psychology to get your ex back. Do the exact opposite of what he expects and Your ex boyfriend will want you more than ever.

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Forensic results forthcoming in Madeleine McCann case
Forensic results forthcoming in Madeleine McCann case

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Police hunting for the missing 4-year old Madeleine McCann finally receive the forensic results of samples taken of blood, saliva and hair found in the apartment she was abducted from on May 3 2007. It is expected to lead to a “significant development” in the case and may bring up new leads. Robert Murat, the only official suspect in the case, denies all allegations that he took the girl.

French police arrest two women wearing veils after burqa ban goes into effect
French police arrest two women wearing veils after burqa ban goes into effect

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One day after France began enforcing a ban on the public wearing Islamic veils that cover the face, either a niq?b or a burqa, French police briefly detained two veiled women. The police later claimed that the women were arrested for taking part in an unauthorized protest, not because they were wearing veils.

The new law is hotly debated. The women were arrested while outside the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and may now face fines of up to $217 (150 euros), community service and/or a citizenship course under the law.

While the ban covers the burqa and the niq?b, it does not include the hijab or the chador. The hijab is a veil that leaves the face visible while covering the hair and neck, and the chador covers only the body.

The French Republic lives in a bare-headed fashion…

The law has stirred much debate, both in France and around the globe. Those who oppose the new law say it limits freedom of speech and freedom of religion, while supporters claim that women are degraded by wearing veils and the law is intended to empower those women, as well as increase public security.

The French government, in defense of the ban, said that it was necessary because wearing veils falls short of the living standards in France and and makes women be of an lower status in a country where everybody is considered equal.

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has said that the ban is consistent with the national values of France. “The French Republic lives in a bare-headed fashion,” he said in a statement published by a government newspaper.

The French government previously made efforts to accommodate Muslims in the country, including establishing a council dealing with the presence of Islam; however, according to Amer Sahar, a professor who studies the topic, some Muslims in the country say that they feel as though they are under assault by the government. She said that some are “resentful of the fact that they are not allowed to be both Muslim and French.”

The French government is also concerned with women and children who are forced to veil themselves. It has said that such an action is “a new form of enslavement that the republic cannot accept on its soil.” There is a fine of 30,000 euros (about $43,300) and a year in prison for forcing an adult to wear the niq?b or burqa. The fine is doubled for forcing a minor to wear the veils.

Activist Rachid Nekkaz auctioned one of his homes to provide money to pay the fine for any woman arrested under the law. “I would like to send a clear message to President Nicolas Sarkozy that we can do what we want. We have rules. We have a constitution and everyone has to respect it,” he said.

According to the French Constitutional Council, the law “conforms to the Constitution” because it does not limit the freedom of religion or excessively punish people for exercising that right in a place of worship.

How To Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer Naturally}

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Submitted by: Alva Christeen

No makeup is complete without a touch to your eye and if it is said about eyes then your eyelashes are the most important part of your eye. It grows from the tips of your eyelids. Everyone wish to have long eyelashes that can make you look gorgeous and attractive. Every women dreams to have longer lashes but unluckily everyone is not blessed with long and thick eyelashes.

But no need to worry you can make your eyelashes longer by applying makeup or by natural ways. If you got long eyelashes then you need not to spend much on that but if you don’t then congrats you still don’t have to spend lots on it just go natural. Why not to grow the lashes naturally by simply taking care of yourself. Here you have few simple tricks to grow your eyelashes naturally?

1. Take Proper Care

To get a perfect amount of lashes take care of your eye. If you do everything but don’t keep your eye clean then everything is useless. Before going to bed take off your makeup and clean your eye with cold water.

2. Brush Eyelashes

You might have heard about the Eyelash brush which is use to brush eyelashes. It is one of the easiest ways to grows your lashes longer. Comb your eyelashes regularly and you will see the result in few weeks.

3. Vaseline

It is one of the old techniques that really work. Just use cotton stick or mascara brush swipe Vaseline on your eyelid before going to bed. Vaseline helps in making your lashes longer and thicker.

4. Natural Oils

You can even use the natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and castor oil to make it grows longer and thicker. Apply them regularly to see the difference. Natural oil contains vitamins, minerals as well as the lengthening agents that will enlarge your lashes and moisturize them.

5. Massage Eyelids

Most of the people face the issue of fall out and even break out of eyelashes if you mistreat them. To get rid of it massages your eyelids which will stimulate the hair follicles and make it grow stronger.

6. Diet

The natural growth of hair depends on the die you take. If you are tasking improper diet then you will notice that your body is not supporting proper hair growth. Try to eat more fruits and veggies to make your eyelashes grow longer naturally.

7. Vitamin E

To get faster result you can have Vitamin E supplements. Make routine of daily taking 1 medicine. Vitamin E will help you in increasing the lashes to maximum growth.

Now go any have gorgeous eye that can attract anyone. Eyes are the most vital part and if eye is perfect and attractive then it can easily reveal your personality. It is very well said that Beauty lies in the eye of beholder and if eye is appealing then beauty will be automatically revealed. Go Stunning with your gorgeous eye.

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NZ man stabbed in the face with a 15-centimetre knife
NZ man stabbed in the face with a 15-centimetre knife

Friday, July 7, 2006

A 36-year-old man, who is yet to be named, is undergoing surgery after an attacker lodged a knife through one cheek and out the other. The handle broke off, leaving the 15-cm (about 6 inches) blade inside him. The man was rushed to hospital today, July 7, at about 2 a.m. NZST. The attack occurred last night after a domestic row in Albany on Auckland‘s North Shore.

New Zealand Police report that the knife just missed his optic nerve and his condition is stable and not life threatening.

John Chaplin, head and neck surgeon said, “the man could be treated relatively simply. The major blood vessels of the head were further back in the neck and the knife could be relatively easily removed in an operating theatre where bleeding could be controlled.”

The police have issued an arrest warrant for Vance Paraki Tuheke, 31-year-old, in relation to the attack.

The victim may suffer from some facial numbness.

Ditch The Dummy In Only 5 Easy Steps}

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Ditch the Dummy in only 5 Easy Steps


sally neill

Babies have a natural sucking reflex so pacifiers / dummies are a great source of comfort for them.

Many Health Professionals believe that dummy use should be restricted from around six months of age and that the use of a dummy or pacifier has ended by the age of one, however as children differ age is not set in stone.

Now you will have different reasons as you want your child to ditch their dummy, here are a few important reasons you may not be aware of:

Increased ear infections: There is a proven link between prolonged dummy use and ear infections. Sucking on a dummy increases the chance of an infection back tracking from the mouth into the Eustachian tube (the narrow channels that run between the ears and the throat). Childrens tubes are very small and can easily get blocked.

Link to stomach and other infections: Dummies can harbour many germs therefore they pose a risk to your child suffering from symptoms such as vomiting, fever, diarrhoea and colic..

Dental problems: Dummies / Pacifiers can lead to teeth growth and development, especially if your child is still using their dummy when they have their adult / permanent / second set of teeth. Always try to at least use an orthodontic one available from most chemists and baby stores etc.

Speech impediments: You should always remove the dummy from your childs mouth when they speak and try to get them to speak more rather than keep pointing at various items or objects.

Remember all the times your child whined or cried, and they were given the dummy / pacifier.

They were programmed to learn that when they were upset this was part of the way they were comforted.

Now we are going to kind of “de-programme” them to thinking that they don’t need this any longer.

Just think if you have to give something up you love, its not fun is it????

So as a parent you will have to take several steps to achieving this goal for your child.

Ok, lets get rid of that dummy, FOREVER !

Step 1 : Involve your Child

Don’t just turn up one day and snatch the dummy / soother / pacifier from their mouth or hand.

The trick is to make your child feel involved every step of the way and to let them feel that it is partly their decision too!

So sit them down, make sure you are at eye level with them, and speak softly, clearly and slowly so they understand.

YouTube Preview Image

Simply explain that as they are getting older, now that they are a big boy or girl, etc you know how to speak to your child so use whichever term you feel appropriate and at ease with, that its time they didn’t use their dummy pacifier all the time.

Don’t say never, they will be told that in later steps.

Now you may be met by screams of “no” “no” “no” or tantrums and tears but don’t make an issue of it, this is a good sign that they understood you and know what lies in the future for them and their dummy.

You will re-iterate this point to them at least once every day, no more is needed, too much pressure on your child will not help achieve their dummy free life.

There is no set time scale in your task, patience is a virtue and you will need your patience as anger never gets the right results.

Step 2 : Slowly Wean Your Child off the Dummy

In order for your child to give up their dummy or pacifier, you will have to remove the habit that has formed in their mind.

You have to get your child used to the idea of not having their dummy / pacifier and you have to let your child see that they can cope without the dummy, in fact they will see they can be happy without the dummy at all.

Now you are going to have the patience of a saint, there are testing times ahead but you have to be strong for your child. As a parent you are responsible for teaching them and guiding them to a happy and healthy life, they are totally dependant on you.

Now its up to you which way you would like to perform this step.

a) You can choose a certain time of the day, say 9am until 10am, when no matter what happens your child wont get their dummy, you dont tell your child that this is the case, instead if they are upset or crying you are going to use your skills to comfort them in other ways, you know what comforts you child but dont use the dummy.

b) You could just remove the dummy whenever the child seems uninterested in using it, ie. anytime you see the dummy / pacifier you will take it away, out of sight out of mind they say. Often when the child sees the dummy they immediately want it, so removing it from their eyesight is n excellent way to take their mind off it.

c) Pretend to your child that the dummy is lost. Then make a game of finding it, obviously you wont find out, instead you will use this opportunity to distract their attention and focus it on something else. Find a toy, book, when you are looking for the dummy.

d) Your own way! Each and every child has different needs and behaviours. Obviously you know what your child needs, if you think of another way then use that, my steps only worked for my little girl and are just guidelines for you and your child.

Another good tip is never let your child have a favourite dummy now, always change it to a new one, different colour etc, we dont want them familiar with any dummy.

Step 3 : Alternative methods of comfort

Up until now your child has used their dummy or pacifier for comfort. So now they need an alternative to comfort.

Obviously we are not going to bribe them or buy them gifts, we are not swapping a dummy or pacifier for something else they will have to give up. Your child is upset and needs comfort from you.

Imagine how you feel when your upset, maybe frustrated, hurt or angry.

Try to imagine how your child feels.

Communication is an excellent way of finding out why they are upset so you can therefore remedy the situation, so ask them why they are upset, make sure you ask in a soft voice tone and have direct eye contact with them.

Touch them, its very comforting to know someone is there for you when your upset, especially when youre a child, give them a hug, hold their hand, sit them on your knee etc, show them you care.

Distract them, we all know how to distract our child from their upset frame of mind. Maybe take them into the bathroom and run the water, children love running water, even let them put their hands or feet in it or read them their favourite story, you know what will distract them.

If all else fails and your child will only respond to the dummy or pacifier, then give them it, we havent got to the step where they have dumped that dummy !

Step 4 : Leave the house without a dummy or pacifier

Dont Panic ! It wont be that bad. If this fills you with dread dont let it. Just take little steps at a time, I dont mean go out for a whole day without the dummy, start off little but aim big!

A trip to the swing park, feeding the ducks, take them swimming, anything that will amuse your child and show them that they dont need a dummy to have happy and good times.

Gradually you will increase the time that you are out the house without the dummy, observe your child when you are out, remember the time it took for them to ask for their dummy, or start to need it. This will help you avoid any screaming matches and those strained looks from other people.

By the way, never mind what other people think, your child is upset and they are your priority, not the disapproving look of some strangers.

Restrict dummy use to key times during the day, such as bedtime or when your child is unwell.

Reward your child with fun activities, or stickers charts, but not sweets or candy!

When you are out make sure you point out any other boys or girls who are not using a dummy, it will make them feel more grown up.

You are aiming to get your child used to large amounts of time without their dummy,

This will help when you both take the final step in ditching the dummy.

Step 5: Ditching the Dummy FOREVER

Ok the time has come, can you say yes to all of the following statements.

You have gradually decreased the amount of time your child uses their dummy, i.e they can go for long periods of time without using it.

Your child is aware that they will be giving up their dummy.

You are confident that you can comfort your child when they are distressed without the use of a dummy

Yes? Great, then you are ready.

One final step, as a grand gesture, you can have a pretend ceremony for your child to get rid of their dummy, the purpose of this is to let your child see that the Dummy is gone, forever and never to return.

My daughter loves Fairies, so the fairies came one night and took her dummy for a little baby fairy.

One person I know tied their childs dummy to a helium filled balloon and let it float away up in the clouds, gone forever !

Another of my friends gave her childs dummy to the Bin Man, Trash Man and he threw it in the back of the Trash / Bin Lorry.

It is important that your child knows the dummy is gone, and they see that it is never coming back.




Sally Neill


Sally is 33 and from Scotland, she runs an ebook website where you can find 1000s of helpful e-titles, at : http://www.sallys-ebooks.co.uk

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Ditch the Dummy in only 5 Easy Steps

Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike in Oxford UK
Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike in Oxford UK

Thursday, June 15, 2006

One hundred and twenty detainees at an immigration removal centre in Oxford, UK, are on hunger strike. The protest started when some detainees refused breakfast on Wednesday 14th June 2006. A letter from the hunger strikers explaining why they are seeking to draw attention to their plight in this way has been reproduced in full below.

Those detained at the centre are mostly men who have sought asylum in the UK and whose asylum applications have been rejected. These people are then held without knowing how long they will be detained for – some end up being held for many years while awaiting deportation.

The removal centre, known as Campsfield, or Campsfield House is approximately 5 miles north of Oxford and has been in operation since 1993. It was managed on behalf of the UK Government by Global Solutions Limited, until may 2006 when it was taken on by GEO UK, the centre has a capacity of 198. Only males are detained at Campsfield.

According to the campaign group Barbed Wire Britain Over 2,600 individuals, mostly asylum seekers, are detained indefinitely in the UK without trial and with no automatic right to bail.

There have been reports in the UK press of the state taking people to detention centres without notice, in the early hours of the morning using excessively heavy handed tactics, taking children out of schools and separating families.

Many UK people and politicians express their disgust at the way detainees are treated, yet it continues. Perhaps this action by the detainees themselves will further highlight their plight and result in more UK electors writing to their MPs and demanding improvements to the way in which rejected asylum seekers are treated.

“We are detainees at Campsfield removal centre in Oxford. Most of us have been here for a long while now. There are people who have been detained for up to two years and down to three months. We are cramped in here like animals. We are treated like animals and moved around different detention centres like animals. The immigration service have taken husbands from their families and taken people who ran away from persecution in their various countries, and dumped everyone in here.

Once you are put in here the immigration service forget you. There are detainees who have applied to go back to their own countries that are still being held here for months without any news about their cases, just so that the private security companies get more money.

Detainees are asked to seek asylum and then refused. The immigration service also ask detainees to apply for bail. When you get a bail hearing date all of a sudden they serve you with removal papers that are not valid. There are many of these situations. In most cases the immigration service don’t take you to your court hearings. And then they tell the judges you refused to turn up, just so the hearing goes ahead in your absence. Many detainees have been served with removal papers and travel documents but nothing happens on the removal day.

Campsfield has become a slave house. We detainees are treated like slaves, to do odd jobs for officers. Detainees are handcuffed to see doctors or dentists in hospitals or clinic appointments. We have some racist security officers who make racist comments to detainees and go out of their way to make you feel like committing suicide. Detainees have to be at the point of death before they get to see the doctors.

The food is not worth eating. Even dogs would refuse to eat what we eat. But we don’t have a choice; every single day we eat the same food (the food we eat is rice, chicken, sandwiches, and left-over eggs)”.

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A Call From The Past, Where History Is Carved In Rocks}

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A call from the past, where history is carved in rocks



Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram is a town in Kancheepuram district and is 60kms away from the city of Chennai. It is an ancient historic town which was used as a port city during the 7th century by the Pallava dynasty in The South. The Rathas, The Mandapas, The Temples, The Caves are mostly all engraved with the deep historic carving of various figures and structures. The modern Mahabalipuram city was established by the British in the year 1827. Mahabalipuram is a very popular tourist destination among the national and the international tourists alike.

Things to do

The main attraction of Mahabalipuram is the 1500-year-old monument which still stands tall on the flat sandy beach. The other six ancient structures are now under water due to natural calamities striking the shores time and again. The sea-shore temple is a part of the UN heritage site and has intricate carving against the architecture built out of stones. A few places or pieces worth watching are the Arjuna’s penance, The Pancha Pandava Ratha, Sree Krishna’s Butter Ball and the descent of the Ganges. Do walk into The Indian Seashell Museum, which will enthral you with nature’s myriad hues and creativity. Visitors from immediate place plan for a Mahabalipuram Packages as a day tour and drive back home in case they reside closeby. For the adventure seeker, you could take a break from history and indulge in water sports. Mumu’s surf not only offers you a safe an exhilarating experience of the waves, but he is also a certified trainer who could train you on the basics of surfing and more.

YouTube Preview Image

Where to stay

Mahabalipuram being a very popular tourist destination down south has the best of hotels one could avail. Hotels are providing five-star accommodations for budgeting hotels serving your needs. You could also look for some Bed and breakfast options to absorb their daily living. You could also pre-book you Mahabalipuram Tour Packages from any of the hotels on-line.

Food at Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is very cosmopolitan when it comes to food as it is a global tourist destination. You could choose from continental to Chinese or Indian to Mughlai. We would advise stick to local cuisine to soak in the best of Mahabalipuram.Le’ Yogi, L attitude 49, Good Luck Caf’ are a few to choose from. Hotel Radisson Blu, Hotel Mammalia Heritage is a few to name from the list.

How to reach

Air can approach Mahabalipuram, the closest airport being Chennai international airport which is 58 km away. Chengalpattu railway station is the nearest Railhead, which is just 29kms from Mahabalipuram and has a plenty of buses and taxis to take you to your destination. The major cities and metros, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore, are very well networked through roads till Mahabalipuram.

Best time to visit

The best time to plan for your mahabalipuram Tour packages

is during the winters, from the month of October to March when the weather is very pleasant. Chennai is an boiling and dry place; thus, summers are often avoided.

Soumya love to write about the services of ixigo. Ixigo offers all cheap flights and hotel services at best price. Just check out there website for more information.

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American city officials warned about dirty bomb threat
American city officials warned about dirty bomb threat

Thursday, October 19, 2006

City officials in seven United States cities were warned today about a possible attack on NFL stadiums using “dirty bombs.” The Department of Homeland Security, which issued the warnings, has also added that the threat is “not credible.”

The bomb threat, originally discovered on 4chan, stated that truck bombs containing radiological materials would be detonated during the football games this Sunday. While the Department of Homeland Security did not disclose which cities were mentioned, an unnamed department official has said the cities named were Atlanta, Miami, New York, Seattle, Houston, Oakland, California, and Cleveland, Ohio.

In response to the threat, several teams are scheduled to sweep some stadiums with radiation detection devices on Sunday for the presence of radioactive materials. In addition, the parking areas and entrances will be monitored closely for suspicious activity. The NFL has released a statement saying that the stadiums are well protected through security measures already in place.

The FBI has questioned a Milwaukee resident said to be responsible for the threats, which were posted on the web site last week. The FBI has declined to release the details of the investigation.

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