How To Make Your Own Carpet Freshener}

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How to Make Your Own Carpet Freshener


D Roth

It’s not just homes with kids and pets that benefit from carpet deodorizers. Household odors from cooking, smoking, even using commercial cleaning products seep into our curtains, couches and carpets.

If you’ve ever tried the store-bought carpet cleaners, you may have purchased the brand or scent that smell sickly sweet, even long after you’ve vacuumed. You’ll find people wrinkle their nose more at the “clean” carpet than the original smells. Some deodorizers are more obnoxious than the odors you’re trying to remove. Those canisters seem to just sit on the shelf or under the kitchen sink, unused week after week. We don’t want to use them and we can’t justify throwing them out.

Why buy carpet deodorizers you end up not liking and not using? Not only are store-bought deodorizers full of unnecessary chemicals and masking perfumes, they’re rather expensive. You can make your own at home instead for only pennies.

YouTube Preview Image

For really simple carpet deodorizing, all you need is some baking soda. But if you want to add some good scents to your home, you can also add flowers or essential oils to the soda.

First, we recommend purchasing a large bag or box of baking soda at a bulk store like Costo or Sam’s Club. It’s incredibly inexpensive in this size, making your carpet deodorizers even more economical.

You’ll also need a shaker of some sort. This can be a mason jar with holes punched into the lid, a large spice container, or, dump out your commercial carpet deodorizers and re-use that container for your own mix. Other containers will work just fine, too, like a coffee can or even a plastic food container. And you don’t have to put holes in the lid. You can always just scoop some out with your hand and spread it evenly over your carpets.

Next, you can add some dried flowers or essential oils to your mix. Or both. Some good choices for flowers, or even aromatic leaves, are lavender, chamomile, rose petals, cinnamon, or eucalyptus. Or create your own combination of flowers, leaves, and oils.

You can purchase flowers and leaves from lots of places online, or you can call around to some local health food stores to see if they sell bulk herbs and spices. Usually they’ll have flowers and such for making herbal teas, poultices, and whatever else you can think of. You can leave them whole, but you might find it works better if you crush or grind them to a fine powder.

When you use essential oils, add a few drops to your baking soda and mix it real well. It might take some time for the scent to permeate throughout the mix. But, baking soda is absorbent for liquids and odors, which is why we use it for carpet deodorizing. So it will absorb the scent of the oils, too.

When you’re ready to vacuum, simply shake your homemade carpet deodorizer on the carpets. Let it sit at least for an hour, but you can also leave it overnight. Then vacuum it up and enjoy your fresh smelling carpets!

For some other helpful uses of your new home made carpet deodorizer, sprinkle some on the floorboards of your car or pour down your kitchen or shower drains to freshen them up.

Not only will making your own carpet freshener save you money, but you will enjoy your home all the more for it.

Dave Roth owns and operates the Vacuum Cleaner Talk website,

a site devoted to vacuum cleaner reviews

of brands such as oreck, miele, and

electrolux vacuum cleaners


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How to Make Your Own Carpet Freshener


46 illegal Afghan immigrants suffocate in truck in Pakistan
46 illegal Afghan immigrants suffocate in truck in Pakistan

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

 Correction — Nov 1, 2013 The article below claims each passenger paid 4000 to 8000 USD. Each paid 30,000 Rupees, equivilent at the time to about US$375. 

The bodies of 46 Afghan illegal immigrants who suffocated to death in a container truck Saturday near Quetta, Pakistan, returned home Tuesday.

The Edhi Foundation placed the victim’s bodies into coffins to transport them back to Chaman. Funeral prayers were said before victims left Quetta hospital. “We are taking these dead bodies to Spin Boldak and later these will be flown to Kabul by helicopter. We are thankful to Pakistan government for every help,” said Afghan consul general Daud Mohsini.

Afghan officials received the bodies from The Edhi ambulances and Pakistan police escorts at the Pak-Afghan border Bab-e-Dosti (Friendship Gate). Security was high and traffic was backed up at the border crossing. The bodies were taken to Kandahar then to Kabul before they were laid to rest in their home towns.

Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan dispatched aircraft to Pakistan to bring home the 46 victims. Poor weather grounded the planes, and the bodies were driven back across the border.

Pakistan police found a locked truck packed with approximately 111 Afghan illegal immigrants around 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Quetta on Saturday. The driver had fled the scene where 62 people were initially pronounced dead. Police said that from the strong smell emanating from the truck, the victims may have died days before they were discovered.

45 other people were found unconscious and taken directly to the hospital. At hospital two more migrants died. “The death toll is 46,” said Ghulam Dastagir, a police official.

Wazir Khan Nasir, a senior police official said, “We have been able to talk to some of the people, who were trapped in the container. They were all Afghans in the container and the container was going to Iran, When the condition of people inside the container deteriorated, the driver fled, leaving the container.”

Survivors have reported that a human smuggling racket locked 64 Kabul residents and 37 Spin Boldak residents in the truck container Friday afternoon. The truck’s air conditioning unit stopped working causing the locked passengers to cry out for help which was unheeded by the truck’s driver, and they fell unconscious. However, the loud ruckus caused by the trapped people inside did alert police and local residents to their plight.

The trip had cost each illegal immigrant US$4,000 to 8,000 for the trip. Gul Zameen, a survivor said, “We are all poor and wanted to find jobs in Quetta and Iran.”

The survivors have been charged under the Foreigners Act and some have been detained. Karzai has ordered an investigation and “demanded people avoid dangerous illegal migration and not be deceived by smugglers.” “We’ll go to Pakistan and talk to the survivors to find out what had exactly happened. The culprits will be brought to justice,” said Moheeddin Baluch head of the investigating delegation.

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is also investigating. Five suspects believed to be involved in running the human smuggling racket have been arrested.

Today’s Flashlights Are Going High Tech}

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Today’s Flashlights are Going High Tech


Tony King

The days of the simple D-cell battery flashlight you keep on hand for when the power goes out are long gone. Today you can find high tech flashlights that are more powerful and offer much more in terms of durability and usefulness. One company that leads the pack is Surefire.

Surefire flashlights come in a variety of styles and prices for anything from in-home use to survival in the harshest of conditions. They offer several unique features that make them especially attractive to people who rely on flashlights on a regular basis or need them in extreme situations. Some of the unusual features of these high tech versions of the lowly flashlight include:

Compact Surefire flashlights are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse while still providing the same illumination of a full-sized version, so you’re never without a powerful light source. These are popular with women and travelers who may be alone at night.

Lithium batteries have a much longer life and more reliability than standard batteries, so you change them less frequently and you won’t run the risk of an unpleasant surprise when you need your flashlight most. The average life of a lithium battery in a high-tech flashlight is about ten years.

The case of any Surefire flashlight is made of a high quality, aero-space grade aluminum alloy, making it lightweight but incredibly sturdy. These flashlights can take an incredible beating without being damaged, so you won’t have to worry if it is dropped or hit.

Other construction features that are considerably more advanced on high-end brands like Surefire flashlights include xenon gas-filled lamps and Pyrex windows.

If you need lighting that is steady and bright without the usual “hot spots” or dark rings of a typical flashlight beam, you’ll be impressed with the light provided by a Surefire flashlight. They’ve developed a specialized light bulb and reflector that virtually eliminates light variation to produce a bright, even beam for clear viewing.

You can also choose between the traditional incandescent bulb and the newer LED (light emitting diode) system. LED Surefire flashlights have no breakable parts and a particularly brilliant beam of light that can be seen from exceptional distances. Some LED models have built-in flash modes for emergency signaling.

Warranties on high-grade flashlights are excellent. Often you’ll get a lifetime warranty on everything except the battery and the light bulb. Considering the disposable nature of most standard flashlights, this is particularly impressive.

Who needs a high-tech flashlight? Anyone who hunts, works outdoors, goes camping or wants a great emergency light – which really covers just about everyone! In fact, two of the largest clients for brands like Surefire flashlights are law enforcement and the military. They are the front-runners in recognizing the benefits of any new technology that makes their jobs safer and more effective, and they love Surefire flashlights. With ringing endorsements like that, it may be time for the rest of us to chuck those old D-cell dinosaurs we have and get some new flashlights!


Product Wizard

offers the finest equipment for military, fire, police, hunters, campers and enthusiast. Some of the primary lines carried by the Product Wizard include Surefire Flashlights, Galco holsters , Pelican Flashlights, Streamlight, Fobus, Harris Bipods, and Hatch Gloves. Visit

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Ireland’s Occupy Dame Street, Occupy Waterford camps cleared
Ireland’s Occupy Dame Street, Occupy Waterford camps cleared

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Occupy protests in two Irish cities have been cleared in the last two days. Dublin’s Occupy Dame Street was cleared by police while the local council cleared the abandoned Occupy Waterford site.

The early hours of Thursday saw the Dublin site raided and cleared by Gardai (police). Gardai cited health and safety concerns over the camp, with St Patrick’s Day festivities planned. Irish tourism minister Leo Varadkar previously called it “disappointing” the campers would not move while the celebrations were ongoing. “I understand they feel very strongly about their politics but I’m sure they don’t want to damage the festival,” Varadkar said.

“[Our] priority is to ensure that all of St Patrick’s Day events and celebrations pass off smoothly and that all participants and the large crowds of spectators at the parade can access and egress the parade route without a risk or threat to their health and safety,” said a Garda statement. They claimed to have asked for “assistance and co-operation, however this was not forthcoming,” and said it took hours to clear the site. The clearance began at 3:30 am local time.

A single arrest was made but the individual was released without charge. Around 100 officers cleared the site, which almost filled the plaza before the Central Bank. Cleaners later cleared all signs of the camp. It had been in place since October, but pallets and solid structures replaced the usual tents of Occupy protests earlier this year in response to local weather. Fifteen people who had been staying overnight were removed.

“We are not stopping any time soon, it’s all hands on deck now, we are going to carry on”, vowed protestor Saoirse Bennet, who was on-scene when police arrived.

Waterford City Council yesterday dismantled the empty camp in their city while Gardai looked on. The quayside protest was abandoned after internal disputes; only two youths and a homeless person were found in the 5:30 am raid, but at one stage the protest had 40 residents. Gardai took the youths “home to their parents,” said a spokesman. “The people we found there had nothing to do with Occupy Waterford.” Needles and drugs were found, but nobody was arrested.

Occupy Galway may be the next to go: After months of tolerance, Galway City Council have claimed “serious health and safety concerns” justify legal eviction proceedings if the camp does not pack up voluntarily. John Walsh of Occupy Galway said the camp was lawful and would remain.

Laptop Decals}

Submitted by: Sukhminder Sidhu

Currently we are living in the age and world of information technology. To live a convenient life and quickly learn information that is relevant to our life, we rely heavily on desktops and laptops. However, due to technical reasons, despite the designers effort to innovate the appearance of portable computer, still they are mostly black, white or grey in color and look basically the same. You cannot really tell any essential difference between an Acer notebook and an HP one in terms of skin. Therefore, for people who want to show out their individuality and artistic sense, especially young girls, it can be a great boredom to look at their as well as others laptops.

Laptop decals are the vinyl skins which are used to enhance the look of the laptop and are used as a sticker on the laptop. These decals are very durable and made up of adhesive material. You can use these decals to make your laptop stand out among others. These decals are mostly representatives of your interests and your likes. Like some people prefer to use cartoon decals and some people like sporty decals both of them express their nature and preferences. When you are going to purchase Laptop decals you must keep following things in mind:

First of all you must consider the dimensions of your laptop. If your laptop is small then buy a small decal and avoid buying huge decals because it will spoil the look of your laptop. For large laptops there is an option of using large or small sized decals. Similarly the laptop type must also be considered e.g. Dell mini netbook can be decorated with many stunning decals, which are easily available in the market.

A part from the size and dimensions, while selecting the Laptop decals you must consider your choice. Like if you like spider man you must purchase spider man decal for your laptop. Many kinds of decals are available in the market nowadays which is designed according to the needs and choices of different people. Like iron man decal, spider man decal. Apart from cartoons, some people love to install decals of their favorite artists, musician, and singer etc. sporty decals like basket ball, soccer balls and base ball are also among the designs of decals. You can also use any design pattern as a decal for your laptop. And any famous painting can also be used for this purpose.

Also, what makes laptop decals extremely trustable is that the skins are perfectly removable and reusable. You never need to worry about leaving marks on your laptop and you can change the skin whatever time you like. In addition, laptop decals are capable of making notebook skins with whatever size. Therefore it can meet whatever needs on the part of customers. Laptop decals will make your laptop skin different and unique.

You must utilize these Laptop decals if you want to customize your laptop. You can easily get these decals from the market. Remember that: you must wisely choose the decal otherwise that will ruin the appearance of your laptop.

About the Author: Laptop skins

shop one stop to buy laptop decals for every size and brand. Laptop skins and decals enhance your laptop looks and you can make it your style statement.


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Dell recalls potentially incendiary laptop batteries
Dell recalls potentially incendiary laptop batteries

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dell, the world’s largest manufactuer of home computers, is recalling 4.1 million lithium batteries used in laptop computers because of the risk of their bursting into flame. There have been at least six incidents since December of laptops catching fire because of overheated batteries.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States says it is the largest recall of electronic products in its history. Scott Wolfson, spokesperson for the CPSC, says the affected laptops should only be run off of a power cord and not the battery. Dell says that the computers are safe to use if the batteries are removed entirely.

At risk are those Dell Latitude, Inspiron, XPS and Precision laptops shipped between April 2004 and July 2006.

“In rare cases, a short-circuit could cause the battery to overheat, causing a risk of smoke and or fire,” said Dell spokesman Ira Williams.

“It happens in rare cases but we opted to take this broad action immediately.”

Customers with concerns can call a special toll free number, 1-866-342-0011 or go to to determine if their batteries are subject to the recall.

Virginians melee at used Apple iBook sale
Virginians melee at used Apple iBook sale

Thursday, August 18, 2005

“Total chaos” is how many described the melee that resulted from a sale of used Apple iBook laptop computers at the Richmond International Raceway (RIR) by the Henrico County, Virginia school system.

Officials estimated nearly 5,000 people thronged the sale for the $50, four-year-old computers. Among them were 17 injured, four requiring hospitalization – one for a leg injury, and three for heat-related illness, said Henrico County Police. Reports of trampling in the stampede were not uncommon, and one driver reportedly tried to drive through the throng of prospective buyers.

Alice Jemerson, an elderly customer said, “They bum rushed the gates and I was knocked over, fighting for my life. All these people were on top of me.”

Shortly after 7am EST officials opened the gates and many residents ran hysterically toward the building where the sale was to occur at 9am.

At a post sale press conference, Henrico County Police spokesman Lieutenant Doug Perry told reporters, “A few bad apples found their way inside. It looked worse than it was.”

Apple iBooks are the preferred computer for Henrico County schools, and Director of General Services of Henrico County Paul Proto, said changes were made to the event after tremendous interest was generated, some as far away as Europe and California. Officials closed and moved the sale from the Henrico county school warehouse to the RIR, after residents complained that their tax dollars were used to buy the computers, and they ought to have first right to repurchase them. The Henrico County Board of Supervisors voted to amend the County Code so that only residents could purchase the laptop computers.

Although officials had prohibited camping out and overnight parking, some in attendance reported that people began arriving at midnight.

Henrico Police Chief H.W. Stanley, Jr. said five patrol officers were originally planned for the event, a customary presence for an event the size authorities had estimated. But by 6 am, an enormous crowd was assembled at the front gate.

Officials present before opening told the crowd that automobiles would be allowed to enter first, which prompted many to run to their cars. But while some were running back to their cars, others rushed the gate. The resulting confusion created much anger, and guards closed the gates shortly thereafter.

Long lines encircling the sale building were commonplace, and one observer noted, “They’re going to see themselves on the news tonight, and see what fools they are.”

Some citizens, however, considered their wait worthwhile. Hairstylist and mother of two Sheress Blunt was one of the first hundred to buy one of the iBooks; she came with her mother and said they sneaked into the raceway through a side gate.

Tonya Vaughan arrived at 5:30 a.m., also bought one of the first iBooks and said three people offered to buy it from her for as much as $200. She declined however, saying, “I told them no way! I had worked too hard for it.”

Lt. Perry said many officers were complimented on the way they handled the crowd, adding that police were seen letting children who had been pushed aside, into the building.

Mr. Proto said, “There are no plans right now to have another iBook sale.”

Henrico County Battalion Police Chief Steve Wood said no arrests were made and the iBooks were sold out by 1pm EST.

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Why Airport Transportation Can Replace Less Efficient Modes Of Ground Transportation}

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Why Airport Transportation Can Replace Less Efficient Modes of Ground Transportation



Air travel doesn’t have to be frustrating and stress inducing, no matter how many passengers travel together. Airport transportation will save your experience from lengthy lines, tardiness, and discomfort which is quite normal for other modes of ground transportation.

Traveling to catch a flight or leave the airport could easily be described as nightmarish. From the confusion that occurs when dealing with the airport to the myriad of other options for transportation and their stressors, you can logically conclude that stress is an obvious result. However, should you choose airport transportation, you’ll ride in an atmosphere of peace, arrive efficiently, and avoid the downfalls common to other options for travel.

Line Free

Airport town car service gives more than just point A to point B transportation. We will remotely watch your flight’s status in order to lessen your wait time pre or post flight. Moreover, currently upgraded GPS systems, area knowledge, and clear commitment make our drivers primarily able to deliver curb to curb efficiency. You won’t have to wish for a cab to be available, nor will you have to wait in rental car lines followed by confused navigation with appointment times approaching.

YouTube Preview Image


Catching a flight and arriving to a meeting are both situations which call for punctuality. Few situations demand airport transfers more than when time is of the absolute essence. Our drivers will deliver you on time, without fail. Moreover, they are proven to be of worthy character and dependable; our company tests for drug use and background issues prior to issuing stringent training and evaluation processes. Our service promises timeliness, and we work diligently to fulfill this promise by using solely newer models that are taken care of well. We bond, insure, and license every member of the fleet, reflecting its quality, so you can be sure that tardiness will not be due to mechanical failure or driver error.

Comfort Makes It Ideal

Spend your time during service well. JAX Airport transportation will ensure wait time is minimized and punctual, so we can provide comfortable delivery. Elegance is across the board within our fleet, regardless of the vehicle chosen. Multiple passengers may require larger vehicles, and we have a machine for that. Different preferences of style can also be covered. We provide a level of comfort that simply cannot be reached when using other modes of transportation.

Air travelers who use cabs or rental cars might use a lot of time in line and frustrated. However, being late because of lines, parking, and navigation are real dangers. In addition, arriving uncomfortable and cranky due to uncomfortable amenities is also a poor choice. Book ground transport which eliminates confusion, tardiness, and pain for air travelers, with an easy online reservation.

Nationwidecar Company has been dedicated to offering reliable & affordable limo & airport transfers services whether you need to Rent a Party Bus or require Town Car Service.

And with our luxury fleet of limousines, limo buses, party buses, shuttle buses, coach buses, vans and SUVs we can take care of you everywhere you travel. Ready to rent a bus? Then call us today for your personalized quotation.

The author wants to give you information about the travel and transportation services that is available around the clock, we provide customer service individualized to our guests and understand that our duty is to meet the needs of our customers. Gets today Airport Transpotation services at affordable prices.

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Solar car travels around the world
Solar car travels around the world

Friday, December 5, 2008

On December 4, 2008, a solar car, developed by scientists at Swiss universities, ended its journey of traveling around the world at the United Nations climate talks in Pozna?, Poland. Yvo de Boer, the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, rode into Pozna? in the vehicle, along with schoolteacher Louis Palmer.

Will solar-powered cars become viable in the near future?
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The two-seat car began its journey 17 months ago in Lucerne, Switzerland. Carrying solar cells on a trailer, the car sent the message that global warming can be stopped and there are better alternatives.

“This is the first time in history that a solar-powered car has travelled all the way around the world without using a single drop of petrol,” said Palmer. “These new technologies are ready. It’s ecological, it’s economical, it is absolutely reliable. We can stop global warming.”

It’s ecological, it’s economical, it is absolutely reliable. We can stop global warming.

Many people have been carried by the solar car, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The conference in Pozna? seeks to draft a new climate treaty that would replace the Kyoto protocol, which is set to expire in 2012. The delegates hope to finalize the treaty by December 2009, when the UN reconvenes on the climate in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Here at the conference, we are talking about reducing emissions by 10 or 20 percent,” Palmer said. “I want to show that we can reduce emissions by 100 percent — and that’s what we need for the future.”

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Wikinews Shorts: March 7, 2007
Wikinews Shorts: March 7, 2007

A compilation of brief news reports for Wednesday, March 7, 2007.

The European Union has banned the 35 planes in the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) 45 aircraft fleet from flying in EU airspace. The reason provided by EU was that these plans do not fulfill the safety requirement for international planes and thus were banned. PIA has redeployed its Boeing 777 jets from US to EU flights to facilitate passengers in Europe. Flights PK 782 and PK 790 are still running on time from Toronto in Canada.


The Oklahoma Senate approved a bill introduced by lawmaker Patrick Anderson of Enid that enables police to seize vehicles when drivers fail to produce proof of insurance. The bill was tacked onto a measure to prohibit inserting microchips into people without their permission. 91,000 drivers have been ticketed for lack of insurance in Oklahoma to date.


The New Orleans Saints have released All-Pro wide receiver Joe Horn because of money issues. The Saints hope to draft LSU (Louisiana State University) wide receiver DeWayne Bowe in the NFL Draft to fill Horn’s place.


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