Replacing Your Showerheads

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Replacing Your Showerheads


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Showerheads are arguably the most important part of any shower. While different showers might all look different, it is the shower heads that will change the power and the dispersion of the water and will thereby dictate what the showering experience is actually like. Buy a high pressure shower head then and you can expect to enjoy a powerful force against your skin that can feel almost like a massage and that is great for those who enjoy that kind of pressure. Meanwhile others will come with settings to allow you to change between a wide spray, an even drizzle or a powerful jet of water.

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The problem with most showers as you buy them however is that the showerheads often don’t take long before they start coming loose and coming off – and this is something that many of us will have difficulties with. Here you have two options though, one being to change the showerheads, the other being to change the pipeline going from the showerhead to the taps. If you have handheld shower heads then this can be a very easy option. You will simply need to go to your local home store and purchase yourself a new pipe and washers either end in order to help it fit on securely. Make sure you take your old pipe with you in order to get the correct size for your new one. Of course however this will have few of the advantages that buying new showerheads will, as if you replace the showerhead instead – this will mean that you can get something new and change your showering experience. For example if you have any old end, then getting high power shower heads can really improve your showering experience. At the same time if you have a handheld shower, you can use an attachment that can be held by an attachment so that it becomes a free standing shower. This is incredibly useful and means that you can put shampoo and conditioner in your hair while still under the water. It also means the shower can be on the whole time which means you can benefit from the heat at all times rather than having to keep stepping in and out which can make you very cold and leave you blindly fumbling around with soap in your eyes and having to turn on the water again with slippery hands. You can also this way make your shower adjustable and then this way enjoy high pressure or a more gentle and dispersed ‘sprinkle’ which can in some ways be a more relaxing experience. Of course in some cases it will the be head itself that breaks and that will leave you unable to attach it to the cable at all. If this happens you will have to replace the head and won’t have any choice. Similarly you might find the pipe itself breaks, and this way you will need to replace the pipe but obviously could replace both in order to still benefit from the advantages of getting new showerheads.

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