Counter Mats Colorful Point Of Purchase Advertising! The Reason Companies Advertise}

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Counter mats colorful point of purchase advertising! The reason companies advertise


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There are many types of in store advertising that companies can utilize, such as floor decals, shelf talkers, shelf danglers, mobiles and product displays. The counter mat usually displayed at the point of purchase in a retail store. We have all seen the counter mat at the local auto parts store, or electric supply house when we are paying for the merchandise we have purchased. Why do manufactures of products use the counter mats to advertise their products at the register?

To most of us if we have not purchased the product advertised by the counter mat it seems to the buyer to little too late. It only seems that way. Advertising is not only asking the consumer to buy the advertised product, but the intent is to build brand awareness.

Let us look at a possible situation. You and your family for years have seen the Television commercial for ketchup advertising a very well known brand. Even if I do not write the brand name and keep most of you guessing of what brand I am eluding to. I will wager that most of us already see the word Heinz as the brand of ketchup, I am thinking about.

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The company who manufactures this brand of ketchup has succeeded in keeping the consumer aware of their brand of ketchup. This would hold true also with peanuts packaged in a jar. Even if I do not divulge the brand name most of us have already seen the word Planters Peanuts as the brand I am writing about.

How many of us when we visit a grocery store to buy a product to blow our nose say we are going to purchase a box of Kleenex and not tissues. The company that manufactures Kleenex has done such a good job of identifying their brand of tissues that the brand name has become the generic term for the product.

The companies that manufacture these products have done such a suburb job of advertising their brands that each brand name has become synonymous with the product they produce. If we visit a retail store to buy ketchup we usually buy Heinz brand. The same is true if we go to the store to purchase jarred peanuts we usually leave with a jar of Planters Peanuts brand. We blow our noses with Kleenex not tissues.

How was this accomplished by these companies, advertising, advertising, and more advertising? Advertising in any and all venues, such as; TV, radio, magazines, newspaper, banners, decals, product labels, floor decal, and shelf strips, shelf danglers, and counter mats where possible.

So why do manufactures use counter mats at the point of purchase? The counter mat is just one part of a companys attempt to build brand awareness. Since advertising is subliminal, it takes constant advertising to build the consumers awareness that a brand is synonymous with a particular product or service.

Counter mats are used, in the construction trade, electrical contractor outlets, hobby stores, lighting retail stores, auto part outlets, and many other venues that have a counter.

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Counter mats colorful point of purchase advertising! The reason companies advertise}

How To Choose A Motor Insurance That Best Works For You

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Submitted by: Chris Carter

It is crucial for anyone who owns a motorbike to take an insurance cover for the same. This will not only work for him but for any other person who uses the bike as well. There are several insurance policies, each packaged differently in order to suit the different needs people have. They include comprehensive cover, veteran and classic cover and, finally, the third party cover.

The comprehensive cover, as the name suggests, is an all round type of cover for your motor bike. This not only includes the motorcycle and you, the rider, but any other vehicle or property you might run into and cause damage to.

The veteran and classic cover is used to insure old motor bikes (those over 16 years). However, the only types of bikes covered herein are those that are rarely used and, when used, are not used for commercial or related purposes but only for leisure.

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The third party cover, as the name suggests, insures any other relevant party except you and your bike. These parties include a third party vehicle, motorbike, property which might suffer damage or person who might suffer injury inflicted by your bike. This insurance cover is compulsory irrespective of whether you have any other policy covering your bike, you and any other party.

Because of this, most people go for the comprehensive cover, which is all inclusive. In this cover, the insurance company commits itself to meet the costs of repairing the bike or even buying you another one all together if damaged in an accident caused by you. However, replacing the bike is only done at the value you insured it for or, if the policy is open, at the current market price of the bike. This is the reason why you should not over insure your bike or under insure it. It also insures your bike in the event of fire and insurance of valuable parts of the motor bike. Under this cover, those who may get hurt from an accident you cause. Any fee required to meet the legal proceedings in such an event are catered for by the company under this cover. Other occurrences your bike is insured from under the comprehensive cover include lightening, theft and towing fees.

The insurance company needs to give you detailed explanation on what to do to get compensation in the event of any of the above occurrences. This is because many people fail to benefit from the cover due to ignorance. For example, you should not move the bike or make any alterations or repairs whatsoever when an accident occurs before either a policeman or your insurance makes an assessment of the situation. Let the insurance company also advise you and inform you of any changes that occur in the rates of insurance premiums.

Last but not least, do not pay for an irrelevant insurance over, as this will only be a waste of money. A commercial bike cannot be insured in the same way as that bike which you ride only once every month.

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Importance Of Getting Driving Lessons From A Driving School

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byAlma Abell

Two in three Australians will drive to work, because driving offers a great deal of convenience. A faster and easier mode of transport compared to trains and taxis, driving is a skill that will prove useful your entire life. If you are keen to get behind the steering wheel, it is important that you understand the reasons why you ought to learn at a driving school. Someone who has trained with the Australian Driver Training Association will pass on their wisdom and skills to benefit you in the following ways.

Structured Lessons

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There are a lot of things to learn if you are to drive in a responsible manner, such as the highway code, how much air pressure you ought to put in your tyres, how often your car should be serviced, how to reverse, how to park – the list goes on. Cramming all of these things into just a few lessons with a driving school that offers “fast track” courses could be disastrous, because when you feel rushed, you may find yourself driving dangerously and putting others at risk! With driving lessons at a trusted school, every aspect of driving will be broke up into segments, allowing you to absorb the information at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

Friendly Guidance

Take the time to shop around before you pay for driving lessons at any old school, because the person you learn with will have a reflection on your driving skills. An instructor who boasts years of experience and works at a recognised school will offer friendly guidance and support, which will ultimately make you feel more comfortable about sitting behind the wheel. If you are not sure who you want to learn with, ask to read reviews from previous students, so that you can learn a bit more about the way in which the instructor deals with students, what methods of teaching they use, etc. It would also benefit you if you inquire about success rates following driving lessons. If these rates fall below 60 percent, choose a different driving school.

Training from RMS Accredited Instructors

A driving school should only employ Instructors with RMS accreditation. What is this, you ask? Well, RMS accreditation will show that the instructors take their job seriously and have completed some kind of training course that adheres to standards set out by Australia’s driving institute. It will also show how committed the driving school and instructors are to helping their students pass their driving test.

The AMS Driving School is proud to boast high pass rates with their state-of-the-art training.