Albuquerque Foreclosure Homes: A Pleasant Life In The Big Country

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Albuquerque Foreclosure Homes: A Pleasant Life in the Big Country


Joseph B. Smith

Albuquerque foreclosure homes are more than just cheap properties, they also afford buyers the chance to taste life in the big country with plush surroundings and wide open spaces. There is a palpable market for these types of homes as many people crave for the homey feel of small town life where everybody knows everybody else. A close knit community that offers a sense of belonging.

Any local realtor can offer leads on stellar Albuquerque foreclosure homes. There are also HUD homes offered through various channels including the mortgage securers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which buyers can qualify for. Perhaps the easiest manner of getting to these homes is through an online foreclosure listings site. For a small subscription fee you can get up close and personal with prime real estate in the city. The listings in these sites often come with images and relevant information on each home, making your search way easier.

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Exercising Caution

Of course one should keep in mind that foreclosure homes are all pre-owned and will have sustained some level of wear and tear. It is the buyer’s burden of nursing these homes back to an inhabitable state and this will always cost some money. There is also the matter of the property’s title, some foreclosed homes come with either a second or third mortgage. There may also be back taxes involved so its best to undertake a title search before committing to purchase.

Buyers can opt to purchase bank-owned homes or real estate owned properties. These come with a title insurance, a basic pest certification and sometimes the minor repairs will have been fixed. For the purchase of bank foreclosures you may need the services of a real estate agent or broker as banks would not normally deal with direct buyers. Your agent can represent you when making a counter offer for the asking price. They can also assist you in negotiating for a lower down payment and closing costs.

Indeed Albuquerque foreclosure homes offer many advantages but these can only be realized with strategic planning, research and preparation.

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