Counter Mats Colorful Point Of Purchase Advertising! The Reason Companies Advertise}

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Counter mats colorful point of purchase advertising! The reason companies advertise


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There are many types of in store advertising that companies can utilize, such as floor decals, shelf talkers, shelf danglers, mobiles and product displays. The counter mat usually displayed at the point of purchase in a retail store. We have all seen the counter mat at the local auto parts store, or electric supply house when we are paying for the merchandise we have purchased. Why do manufactures of products use the counter mats to advertise their products at the register?

To most of us if we have not purchased the product advertised by the counter mat it seems to the buyer to little too late. It only seems that way. Advertising is not only asking the consumer to buy the advertised product, but the intent is to build brand awareness.

Let us look at a possible situation. You and your family for years have seen the Television commercial for ketchup advertising a very well known brand. Even if I do not write the brand name and keep most of you guessing of what brand I am eluding to. I will wager that most of us already see the word Heinz as the brand of ketchup, I am thinking about.

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The company who manufactures this brand of ketchup has succeeded in keeping the consumer aware of their brand of ketchup. This would hold true also with peanuts packaged in a jar. Even if I do not divulge the brand name most of us have already seen the word Planters Peanuts as the brand I am writing about.

How many of us when we visit a grocery store to buy a product to blow our nose say we are going to purchase a box of Kleenex and not tissues. The company that manufactures Kleenex has done such a good job of identifying their brand of tissues that the brand name has become the generic term for the product.

The companies that manufacture these products have done such a suburb job of advertising their brands that each brand name has become synonymous with the product they produce. If we visit a retail store to buy ketchup we usually buy Heinz brand. The same is true if we go to the store to purchase jarred peanuts we usually leave with a jar of Planters Peanuts brand. We blow our noses with Kleenex not tissues.

How was this accomplished by these companies, advertising, advertising, and more advertising? Advertising in any and all venues, such as; TV, radio, magazines, newspaper, banners, decals, product labels, floor decal, and shelf strips, shelf danglers, and counter mats where possible.

So why do manufactures use counter mats at the point of purchase? The counter mat is just one part of a companys attempt to build brand awareness. Since advertising is subliminal, it takes constant advertising to build the consumers awareness that a brand is synonymous with a particular product or service.

Counter mats are used, in the construction trade, electrical contractor outlets, hobby stores, lighting retail stores, auto part outlets, and many other venues that have a counter.

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Counter mats colorful point of purchase advertising! The reason companies advertise}

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