Importance Of Getting Driving Lessons From A Driving School

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byAlma Abell

Two in three Australians will drive to work, because driving offers a great deal of convenience. A faster and easier mode of transport compared to trains and taxis, driving is a skill that will prove useful your entire life. If you are keen to get behind the steering wheel, it is important that you understand the reasons why you ought to learn at a driving school. Someone who has trained with the Australian Driver Training Association will pass on their wisdom and skills to benefit you in the following ways.

Structured Lessons

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There are a lot of things to learn if you are to drive in a responsible manner, such as the highway code, how much air pressure you ought to put in your tyres, how often your car should be serviced, how to reverse, how to park – the list goes on. Cramming all of these things into just a few lessons with a driving school that offers “fast track” courses could be disastrous, because when you feel rushed, you may find yourself driving dangerously and putting others at risk! With driving lessons at a trusted school, every aspect of driving will be broke up into segments, allowing you to absorb the information at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

Friendly Guidance

Take the time to shop around before you pay for driving lessons at any old school, because the person you learn with will have a reflection on your driving skills. An instructor who boasts years of experience and works at a recognised school will offer friendly guidance and support, which will ultimately make you feel more comfortable about sitting behind the wheel. If you are not sure who you want to learn with, ask to read reviews from previous students, so that you can learn a bit more about the way in which the instructor deals with students, what methods of teaching they use, etc. It would also benefit you if you inquire about success rates following driving lessons. If these rates fall below 60 percent, choose a different driving school.

Training from RMS Accredited Instructors

A driving school should only employ Instructors with RMS accreditation. What is this, you ask? Well, RMS accreditation will show that the instructors take their job seriously and have completed some kind of training course that adheres to standards set out by Australia’s driving institute. It will also show how committed the driving school and instructors are to helping their students pass their driving test.

The AMS Driving School is proud to boast high pass rates with their state-of-the-art training.

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