Silk Fabric Is All Time Favorite For Clothing}

Silk fabric is all time favorite for clothing


Michele Carelse Stephen

From cocoon silk fabric is yearned. Silk from cultivated silkworms is more used though silk of wild worms is also valuable. The worms feed on mulberry leaves and increase their body size by nearly 10,000 times in a short span of time. The worm ceases to eat by the end of thirty days and attach itself to a piece of straw and begins to spin its cocoon. After the spinning of cocoon and before the hatching of the worm into a moth, the cocoon is soaked in hot water unraveling and producing long size thread. This fine thread is the basic component of silk yarn and fabric. Then the natural fibers are bleached or washed for there are some glutinous substances there on it. After yearning and washing now comes weaving. Weaving is process in which a piece of cloth is created by interlacing strands of fabric. Weaving is done by both hands and machines. But hand woven silks are better than machined woven silk fabrics. Hand woven silk fabric like Kashmir silk, Mysore silk, kanchipuram silk, mueshidabad silk, etc are eminent silk from India. A good quality of silk begins with a warp of approximately 2,000 threads for one meter width. 1,600 threads or 1,800 threads are considered to be poor quality fabric. Loosely woven fabrics are difficult to sew. There can be found two types of silk fabrics. One is yarn-dyed or dyed-woven. In this category taffeta, duchess satin and many pattern-woven fabrics fall. The other type is piece-dyed fabrics, which is carried out after weaving, like crepes, twills, etc. The dyeing process gives the silk different shades.

Silk is sated as the queen of all fabrics as it has a delicate touch and sensation when wearing. Silk caterpillars or moths spun their cocoon and form this cocoon silk fabric is collected. Mainly four types of silk fabric are used for manufacturing and they are muga silk mulberry silk, tasar silk and eri silk. Chiffon fabric is also a variation of silk fabric. It is made in a certain weaving technique and is made with various fabrics apart from silk and those are cotton, synthetic fibers or rayon. But chiffon fabric made from silk is most smooth and rich in quality comparing with other chiffon variations.

You can buy silk fabric from a fabric wholesaler shop. Among various fabrics available in market silk fabric is most desired and popular for its soft and sensational touch and feel. It makes the user comfortable and makes him or her looking better than any other fabric. Silk fabric was discovered in china and it is mainly produced in India, china and other eastern countries naturally. Apart from this artificial and mechanical silk is also produced all over the world. Chiffon, georgette, art silk, Viscose and satin are mainly different kinds of silk fabric. With silk somewhere cotton and other materials are mixed to get all these types of fabrics. It is great for draping, sheets and pillows. It makes rooms to look spectacular.


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